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Custom images

In addition to emojis defined by the Unicode standard, you can add your own custom images to the picker. This is similar to other pickers, such as the ones in Slack or Discord.

Data about custom images are passed in the optional custom array in the PickerOptions object.

Defining custom images

The custom array includes CustomEmoji objects.

The value of the emoji property for each item must be unique. It serves as a unique key to identify the image.

Arbitrary data

A custom image can also have arbitrary data associated with it. This data is stored in the data property of the CustomEmoji object. When a custom image is selected, this data is included in the emitted data.


A custom image automatically is assigned the custom tag. You can define your own additional tags in the tags array.

const custom = [
emoji: 'kitty1',
label: 'Cute kitty',
url: '',
tags: ['cute', 'cat', 'kitty'],
data: { id: 1 }