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Recent emojis

PicMo will keep track of your most recently used emojis in the "Recently Used" category. As emojis are selected, they will be added to the "Recently Used" category.

Recents providers

Built-in web storage providers

By default, recent emoji data is kept in local storage. This is managed by the LocalStorageProvider class.

PicMo also includes a SessionStorageProvider class that uses session storage instead.

A provider is selected by passing a recentsProvider option to the createPicker function. The value should be an instance of the provider class.

Creating a custom recents provider

You can create a custom provider to store recent emojis in some other way. To do this, you need to create a class that extends from the RecentsProvider class and implement the three methods required (clear, getRecents, and addOrUpdateRecent).

An instance of this class should be passed to the recentsProvider option of the createPicker function.