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CSS Styling

Controlling style injection

By default, PicMo will automatically inject the library's styles into the document. This is the simplest approach, but may cause problems on sites with strict Content-Security-Policy settings. In these cases, you can disable automatic style injection by setting the injectStyles property to false in the global configuration:

import { globalConfig } from 'picmo';

globalConfig.injectStyles = false;

This property must be set before creating any pickers or popup pickers. Each package (picmo, @picmo/popup-picker, @picmo/renderer-twemoji) includes an index.css file that can be added to your app with a link in the head section, or can be brought in any other way that your bundler uses to load styles.

Style overrides

If the theme customization is not sufficient for your needs, individual CSS styles can be overridden with a custom stylesheet.

The recommended approach is to set a custom class on the picker via the picker or popup picker's className option. This will apply your class to the root element of the picker, which can then be used to select any of the various UI elements with class names applied.

For your custom styles to take effect, you should load your style sheet after the PicMo styles, or make your CSS rules have higher specificity.