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UI features

A PicMo picker contains several independent UI elements:

  • Search. Used to search for emojis.
  • Category tabs. Used to jump to a specific category.
  • Recents. Remembers and shows recently used emoji in a separate category.
  • Emoji grid. Used to browse and select emojis.
  • Preview. Used to preview an emoji on focus or hover.
  • Variant popup. Used to select a variant of an emoji.

By default, all of these elements are shown. The PickerOptions object supports several flags that can be used to disable search, category tabs, recents, preview, and variants:

  • showSearch
  • showCategoryTabs
  • showRecents
  • showPreview
  • showVariants

If you only enable a few categories for the picker, you may want to adjust the number of rows and columns to make the overall picker smaller to prevent huge category buttons:

few categories with wide picker